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Exceptional Hospitality

Friendly and proffessional staff, committed to excelence

Stunning Location

Located in the lap of Dhauladhars, our properties offer staggering views

Exquisite Cuisine

Mouth-Watering Local Cuisine and exceptional fine dinning

Great Accommodation

Comfort in the lap of Nature

Driven by Passion, Grounded by Experience!

We are a young and dynamic team of travel aficionados with deep-rooted beliefs in ethical business practices. We come with wide-ranging skill sets in multiple domains, gathered through years of experience in leading global conglomerates.

Our legacy is built upon a vision to provide exceptional hospitality services and a passion for sustainability.

Come, stay with us and experience the region like never-before!

Our Stays

Experience the best of Kangra valley with
the Solitude Stays


The Best of Bir Billing
With the Solitude Stays

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Our Team

A bunch of travel aficionados on a mission to give you the best hospitality experience